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Troy FFA Alumni & Supporters Scholarships


The Troy FFA Alumni & Supporters are proud to offer scholarships to graduating seniors, and current undergraduate students from Troy High School who have been members of the Troy FFA Chapter.  It is the Alumni's goal to use the annually appropriated scholarship funds to give every deserving chapter member the opportunity to submit an application for financial support as they continue their personal development after high school.


When the Troy FFA Alumni first adopted this scholarship, the committee recommended to the Board that this money was to be allocated for any type of personal enrichment program during the first year after high school graduation.  The Board has recently extended a scholarship renewal for an additional year of continuing education.  They even wanted the financial support to be there for individuals taking a career path other than the traditional four-year degree. Our community is proud of the number of seniors that move on to our universities and colleges, but many times graduating FFA members directly enter the workforce and need to obtain certificates, endorsements, and/or attend other training programs necessary for their future employment.


All completed applications that have met the necessary requirements will be considered eligible and will be evaluated for one of the scholarships awarded by the Troy FFA Alumni & Supporters.  The scholarship recipients will be notified after the scholarship committee has reviewed the applications, recommended the applicants to the Board, and has received the Board’s approval.

Applications will be available here on the website in January with a March deadline.






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